I didn’t believe it at first, but the statistics are compelling…of all the things you consider when being healthy, clean air may be among the most important. How else can you explain the higher longevity of those living on Coastal areas, away from industrial pollution? …

Increasingly, internal-combustion cars are giving way to electric autos and rail is giving way to the possibility of smart “auto trains”. Why not create a Maglev Automotive Highway, which would reduce the need for heavy battery packs and reduce charging times, while reducing rolling resistance many-fold. …

AND PROVIDING SENSIBLE LOCAL OVERRIDES. For the moment, centralized electronics and authority pose only modest threats (despite Trump-like conspiracies to the contrary). But the dangers of central everything are growing, and we must both elevate security protocols and boost local opt-outs.

Independence Day: Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum save us from the inefficient central bureaucracy (and peer review deficit) of Aliens

Most of us have seen the thrilling 1996 movie…

Vern Scott

Scott lives in the SF Bay Area and writes confidently about Engineering, History, Politics, and Health

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