AND PROVIDING SENSIBLE LOCAL OVERRIDES. For the moment, centralized electronics and authority pose only modest threats (despite Trump-like conspiracies to the contrary). But the dangers of central everything are growing, and we must both elevate security protocols and boost local opt-outs.

Most of us have seen the thrilling 1996 movie…

THANK YOU…NEXT QUESTION PLEASE? Some have explained recent UFO sightings confirmed by the US Air Force as in keeping with a US Navy patent taken out in 2016…never mind the fact that the capabilities of this craft are well WELL BEYOND ANY KNOWN TECHNOLOGY AT PRESENT!!! Is there another explanation?

The “Red Queen” Hypothesis of Evolutionary Biology explains sexual reproduction as a means of staying ahead of parasites, especially among more complex organisms. A corollary is that in the absence of parasites, females can reproduce asexually, and that males are essentially created by females (the default organism) simply as a…

Vern Scott

Scott lives in the SF Bay Area and writes confidently about Engineering, History, Politics, and Health

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