Chinese/Russian/Iranian Ambitions may Exceed Current Capabilities…

…and go 斯普拉特·克普伦克! Сплат/Керплунк! اسپلات/کرپونک! respectively, while their notions of a Western demise may be greatly overstated. With a renewed East/West “Cold War”, and a resurgent Chinese and Russian Nationalistic “hard on” for the US and Europe, one wonders if minus the nuclear-card, the East has the tech capability to hang with the West over the long-term. It is all reminiscent of Germany/Japan in World War II, and the tendency of fervent xenophobes to lack patience and overplay their hand. Meanwhile, the Democratic West putts along, warts and all (indicative of transparent societies that still blend diverse elements and seem to ultimately kick tech-butt). Globalization tried to include all (in the name of Kumbaya) but for now has failed…will it rebound?

Xi Jinping/Vlad Putin and Russia-China-Iran are the updated “Axis of Evil”, but will they overreach?
China has built an impressive Navy, yet WW II Japan had one too before being sunk by US xenophobia-free production and integrated command. Annoying the Taiwanese with drones may not work either
Iran is no slouch when it comes to fanatical overreach. How would we feel if we had to look at giant billboards of Trump/Pence (or Biden/Harris) everywhere?
The United Nations is a great concept, but it is seen internationally as US dominated and lacking “teeth”



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Vern Scott

Scott lives in the SF Bay Area and writes confidently about Engineering, History, Politics, and Health