What a National Infrastructure Upgrade Should Be

People think of roads and bridges when they hear “infrastructure”, but Biden’s bill goes far beyond that!
This Shanhai Maglev train is an example of many that have been built overseas. Though rail in general may be threatened by inflexibility, pandemics, environmental impacts, costs, and crime, the Maglev concept may someday be used for flexible vehicles (cars and buses) with great energy savings due to decreased rolling resistance. Is Maglev therefore due additional funding in the Biden Infrastructure bill?
Electric car charging stations are in the Infrastructure Bill-shouldn’t these be privately funded?
The military utilizes hovering aircraft (see also VTOLs). Could the same concept be used for a clean commercial aircraft, thereby eliminating long runways and expanding landing sites? Is this worth Federal subsidy?
Rhino home tap water filtration system-drinking water at the tap, a more basic (and cheaper) water treatment level for bath/laundry?
There is definitely a need for low income housing (for the working poor, seniors, and others, such as the San Jose affordable housing project above), but is this Infrastructure, does this create dependency, and shouldn’t government create incentives for privately-funded affordable housing? Is Biden creating another unpopular “government program”?



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Vern Scott

Vern Scott

Scott lives in the SF Bay Area and writes confidently about Engineering, History, Politics, and Health